Shape the Financial Future You Have Earned

Everything We Do, Is Because We Believe in Empowering Wisdom; We Believe Money is To Be Your Slave

Shape the Financial Future You Have Earned

Harvest Wealth Management is reforming the way Christian believers plan and build secure financial futures by providing expert biblically principled advice, reliable strategies, and accessible financial planning for everyone. We help everyday people reach their retirement goals. You don’t need to feel stuck or bewildered when it comes to your financial future. We’re here to help you make those dreams come true.

As your advisory team, our job is to assess your financial situation and enlighten you with relevant and authentic answers to your financial concerns, in simple language so that you can make educated/sound and informed decisions about your financial present and future.

This website will walk you through our no-cost, no-obligation process to demonstrate exactly how our team can assist you in making your financial life a fulfilled life and the reason why we insist you see HOW we approach wealth planning before making a decision. Learning our process will also give you a framework for evaluating other firms you may be considering.

A Christian Financial Partner For Mid-Career Christians

While you are an expert in your field, you may lack the time or understanding necessary to handle every aspect of your financial life.

With a family to care for and a profession to pursue, you want to work with a financially savvy colleague who can take the lead. We'll incorporate financial planning into the rest of your life effortlessly, allowing you the flexibility and time to focus on what's truly important.

Financial planning is a vital component of modern living for every Christian. We all dream of retirement done God’s way and having the financial resources to do all that God has planned for us is truly a blessing. It requires careful thought, planning, and strategy to make those dreams come true. It requires loyal Christian fiduciary advisors and Christian partners who will help you create a workable faith-oriented plan.

For many Christians, those tools aren’t accessible. The wealth and economic gaps in our country limit financial advice grounded in biblical financial planning principles while still providing a financial return, leaving the rest to suffer and struggle on their own. We believe you deserve better, and we want to partner with you to build the God-honoring financial future you’ve been dreaming of.

Together We’ll Empower You

Toward Your Biggest Financial Goals

Why We Serve?

A Better Financial Future Is a Few Steps Away

We believe people with passion can receive and give an abundance in life. This belief is what drives how we serve and what services we provide.

It’s often hard to know where to turn and who to trust for long-term financial help because the financial services marketplace has blurred the lines so much that all the distinctions; brokers, insurance salesmen, and financial planners call themselves “Financial Advisors”.

We know that you may want to become confident in your financial investments and you deserve a financial advisor who will help to take care of your money so you can live the life you have been called to live!

We know there's a lot of choices out there, and after a while, they may all start to look the same. As current scholars of the American College of Financial Services and Kingdom Advisors certified members, we work with integrity and professionalism to help ensure that you're meeting your financial goals at any stage of life.

Here's how we work:

Schedule a call with Eddie James or a member of our team

We analyze and evaluate your objectives and assess your needs

We then create a customized financial plan and implement it with you while staying up to date on market events

We strive to always act with integrity, advocate your best interests, communicate effectively with you, and invest your money in the same ways that we would invest our own. It's that simple! So, schedule a call today!

Schedule Your Free Consultation

We'd want to connect with you so that you can decide if we're the ideal partner for you. We'd like to know what aspirations and goals God has given you so that we can assist you in achieving them.

Build a Custom Financial Plan

Financial planning isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll work with you to build a custom biblically-based financial plan on the needs and goals God has provided you, no matter how big or small they are.

See Your Plan Pay Off

God owns it all, and once we’ve helped you build a realistic faith-based plan, it’s time to enjoy the rewards, He has provided you. You can take the plan and apply it on your own or allow us to partner with you along the way to ensure you reach those goals.

Shepherding You to a More Impactful

Standard of Living and Giving

Who We Serve?

While our clients certainly represent a diverse cross-section of ages, careers, and needs, most would agree that they share the desire for a financial advisor that will live with integrity, have shared values, and have the necessary tools, resources, and on-going training to equip clients to weave timeless biblical principles into their financial plans.

Therefore, with a clear understanding of our clients’ needs, goals, and aspirations, we treat each as our very own family – with trust, care, and integrity. We also ensure that we won’t let any important financial matters go unattended so that you can live with peace and focused on fulfilling your lives.

How We Serve?

The correct investment strategy and sound financial advice will determine how you live today and in the future.


Financial Planning for Real-World People

When it comes to our reliance on God’s financial plan for our financial contentment in retirement, we all want the same thing. We want to live in His will and enjoy the lifestyle He has cultivated for us. Jesus equates how we handle our money with the quality of our spiritual life. If we manage our money properly according to biblical principles, we can be more aligned with the will of Christ. However, if we are unfaithful with our promises, our fellowship with Him may suffer.

Therefore, we want clarity and sound planning to help you in making the best judgments possible. We want you to have the courage to be bold in living out God’s vision and for you to have a trusted Christian financial planner who will help you achieve that vision. And perhaps most importantly, we want you to have peace of mind and the assurance at the end of the day that everything will work out according to God’s plan.

At times, when we get lost along the way and start to feel stuck, those goals and dreams start to feel like they’re slipping away, and it can be hard to see a way forward.

The right financial planner can help you overcome the confusion and fears and get you back on track. But there could be a problem – finding a trustworthy financial planner isn’t always easy. Many of the big financial institutions feel inaccessible to real-world believers because they cater the pursuit of wealth and corporate interests.

We’re changing the way everyday Christians plan for their God-honoring futures by partnering with them to create realistic biblically responsible financial plans. Plans that reflect the values of Jesus while meeting the needs and reaching the goals God has ordained. We take the time to build lasting relationships with our clients because part of financial confidence and peace of mind is having someone you can rely on in your corner.

Planning Starts with Relationships

At Harvest Wealth Management, we believe that trust starts with relationships. As a result, we begin each financial plan with a phone call and consultation. We want to learn more about you. What are your needs? What God-driven goals have been set before you? What do you believe God wants your retirement to look like? What kingdom-focused interests do you have? Getting to know you allows us to better serve you and help create a faith-based financial playbook that will drive you to live that God-honoring lifestyle.

Here’s what our process looks like:

Consultation over the phone

Tell us about yourself and what you aim to achieve! See if we're a good fit for your requirements.

Make a Strategy

We'll work with you to create a practical faith-based plan that fits your needs and helps you achieve your objectives.

Long-Term Partners

We’re in this for the long haul. If you need help, we’ll partner with you along the way to make sure your plan works for you and helps you get to where you believe God is leading you to be.

Your Journey Toward Financial Peace of Mind

Starts Here

Why Us?

A Future You Can Count On

Harvest Wealth Management has an aim to provide every client with not only the personalized, dependable care and support they deserve but also the outcomes they demand. For us, that means helping you overcome the stress, anxiety, and confusion that comes with financial planning.

You want a brighter future, but let's face it: it can feel like an impossible effort at times. You're left with doubts and fears. You don't want to be duped or lose money on high-stakes gambles. However, fear can often lead to inaction, and inaction is what stands between your current situation and the future goals God has called you to.

We want to help you alter your present to affect your future. We’ll partner with you as you gain the financial clarity and confidence you’ve been looking for and start building for a brighter future. There will be no more sleepless nights. No more losing money or feeling as if you’re wasting time. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, and we want to help you on your journey to reach financial peace of mind.

Driven by Faith

Harvest Wealth Management was founded by Eddie James, a certified Kingdom Advisor and Wealth Management Advisor who has helped countless people find their financial freedom throughout his career. Motivated by a desire to make authentic and dependable financial solutions accessible to everyone, he’s also spoken across the country about the importance of Christian financial planning and the implementation of biblical principles. In addition, his role as a pastor has helped separate him from others in the industry.

His financial journey began at church, where he volunteered to give a weekly lecture about overcoming debt through the Financial Peace Program. That was the beginning of a career path that led to his SEC license and later to the Certified Kingdom Advisor® (CKA®), solidifying his commitment to help others make the kingdom impacts that God has called them to. His desire to help more people stems from his faith, and it is that faith that motivated him to start the Harvest Wealth Management firm.

Family First

A cornerstone of Christian Financial Planning involves an emphasis on family. Family should be at the center of your financial strategy. A future in which only one person's ambitions and dreams are considered is not an equal future. We think that the first step in assisting you in realizing the financial destiny that God has intended for you and your family is to understand your needs and goals. We’ll help educate the entire family about sound biblical principles, financial literacy, and fiduciary responsibilities so that you can grow together as a family as you plan for what God has in store for you next.

You're not simply discovering a partner who will help you plan, build, and grow when you allow us to join you on your financial path. You're also becoming a member of the Harvest Wealth family. We treat our clients as long-term partners, and we'll be there for you through all the changes and opportunities that may arise as you prepare to serve God and others once your employment years are through.

Our Ethics Pledge

We will always commit ourselves to protect and promote the interests of our clients and will always conduct ourselves in a way that is commendable to our profession. When it comes to our educational and business backgrounds, professional licenses, and years of industry expertise, we shall be completely transparent. We will be completely truthful by not exaggerating the features and benefits of any products and/or services. We shall always disclose the key aspects of a product, transaction, or service, as well as any potential hazards that could harm future performance or value.

To assess the right suitability of any proposed items or services, we will always examine both our clients' current and future demands. Any information provided to us or obtained in the course of our work will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We will only use presentations, marketing, and advertising materials that are completely accurate and compliant with state and federal regulations. We will always provide our clients with copies of all required documents that relate to the product, transaction, or service that we have recommended to them. We will always refer our clients to a more specialized professional or firm when their needs go beyond our current license or expertise. We will consistently educate ourselves as to the new laws and regulations to keep pace with the industry norms, and we will always act in good faith toward those we serve.


We’re Here to Serve

If you’re ready to start your journey towards a better financial future, we want to help you. Schedule a phone call today and let us know how we can serve you on your journey!

We're here to Serve & If you have any questions, we would love to assist you!

It's easy to become overwhelmed and perplexed when it comes to financial planning. Let us know if you have any questions concerning God's financial plan for you or would like to learn more about how Harvest Wealth Management can assist you. Please contact us* and we'll return your as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have. We're right there with you, no matter where you are in your financial path.

*Your privacy and security are important to us at Harvest Wealth Management. All information you provide will be used only for the purposes you specified. We ensure that your information stays confidential and will not be shared with any other parties. We simply want you to be able to enjoy the financial future that God intends for you. That's it!

Visit Us

Harvest Wealth Management
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Give Us a Call

Send Us a Message

Send us a Message

Initial Phone Meeting

Before committing your time or ours, this 15-minute phone call will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. After all, you wouldn’t see a Podiatrist if you needed heart surgery.

If we aren’t a good fit for each other, we will gladly introduce you to a firm that is better suited to your needs.

First Office Meeting

Prescription without evaluation and diagnosis is malpractice

This 1-hour in-person (or virtual) discussion will provide us both the opportunity to ensure that your situation matches our knowledge. The goal of this meeting is to get crystal-clear about your financial condition, including where you are now, where you want to go, your concerns and your unique financial situation.

Your responses to our questions, as well as the materials we'll want you to email us following the meeting, will serve as a guide.

Our Analysis

This is where the magic can happen

We apply decades of experience, thousands of hours of training and mentoring by the industry’s top professionals to help answer your queries and concerns:

Second Office Meeting

This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road!

During this office (or virtual) meeting we will explain, in plain English, exactly what you need to do to potentially achieve your financial goals, including the answers to the four questions we asked during our analysis.

This is where you'll see how our firm might potentially boost your finances in terms of dollars and cents. At the end of this meeting, we will ask if you would like to begin working with our firm or if you would like to sleep on it.

Sleep On It

Having been in financial services for more than 20 years, we are not in a hurry for you to make a decision. Before deciding whether we should collaborate or not, you are requested to answer the following questions:

Third Meeting/Paperwork

We will answer any additional questions you may have and determine if you are ready to begin the paperwork to become a client during this office (or virtual) encounter.

We will have emailed you a full description of this process and answered all your questions and concerns prior to this meeting.

While we would love to collaborate with you, if you decide it is not a good fit, we will send you our best wishes. In other words, there is never a hard-sell or pressure to say yes.

If this sounds ok to you, and you have saved at least $250,000, we would like to speak with you.

Our Solutions Include

Risk Management

You want to feel secure in the knowledge that your nearest and dearest will be okay without you and that your family will be protected from life's unforeseen catastrophes. We'll analyze your current coverage as part of addressing every facet of your financial life. If there are any concerns, we will give recommendations based on the overall picture of your financial situation.

Financial Planning

We'll cover every facet of your financial life from now until retirement and beyond as the foundation of our time together. We would gladly collaborate with your other trusted consultants to create a unified, comprehensive financial strategy.

Education Planning

Higher education costs continue to soar – strategies for helping families fund college have become increasingly complicated. We are here to provide clarity and a plan to meet your needs in this area.

Tax Strategies

While tax season occurs just once a year, there are things we can do throughout the year to assist you in reducing your tax liability. These include advising tax­advantaged investment choices and collaborating with your trusted CPA or tax professional to maximize every part of your financial strategy.

Investment Management

We'll examine your present assets, uncover flaws, and assist you in putting in place a long-term investment strategy that works with your financial goal. We will consider your individual risk tolerance, time horizon toward retirement, and future goals as we customize your portfolio to function in unison with the rest of your financial life.

Retirement Income Planning

Meet with us before submitting your retirement notice to ensure you're making the right decision at the appropriate time for you and your loved ones. The journey to financial freedom may be thrilling, but it can also be fraught with uncertainty. As the finish line approaches, we'll work hard to make your retirement a memorable one.

Estate Planning

Finding financial independence allows you to define what you want your legacy to look like. We'll work with you and your trusted attorney to create an estate plan that complements your existing financial goals.

Social Security Optimization

As retirement planning experts, we can assist you in determining the ideal timing to claim Social Security. To do so, we evaluate how your Social Security benefits will interact with other sources of income, such as:

Rental Income
Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)
Interest and Dividends
Capital gains

We also consider family health circumstances, spousal benefits, personal preferences, and other factors.

We can adopt a Social Security timing plan that decreases your tax liabilities in retirement while also optimizing your income stream by examining your whole financial picture

Philanthropy Planning

Whatever causes you care about, we'll work with you to incorporate your charitable activities into your financial strategy and investing objectives. We can work together to explain and define your charitable objectives, as well as create a plan to assist you reach them.

Liabilities Management

From student loan debt to mortgage payments, we can work with you to ensure you're meeting your financial commitments in a timely and effective way. In addition, we will discuss how we may continue to work toward financial goals while also reducing debt.